Legally Blonde in Malta

If you haven’t had a  chance to see this musical, there is still time. There are more performances during this weekend. It is based on the Hollywood blockbuster starring Reese Witherspoon in the lead role.

I had a pleasure to enjoy this musical last Sunday in Teatru Manuel and followed by drinks in Tico-Tico, this was a great night out. Even though it was the beginning of November, we still could sit outside till wee hours;)

The performance itself was a really good production although I am more impressed with the female cast than the men one. The guys seemed good as actors but their singing capabilities weren’t too exceptional. There were quite entertaining moments when the dogs were taking part ins scenes. Although, the bulldog weren’t too happy and was quite anxious to run away from the stage.

My favourite songs are : Whipped into shape, There! Right there! and the title one Legally blonde.

We were seated in the box in the 1st tier and although we had it to ourself it wasn’t that easy to see everything. So for the next time, we know that we should get a box number 8,9, 10 or 11, as the first and last ones are too close to the stage and you end up leaning over the rail to see anything and your neck really hurts after 2 hour show;)



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