Very Short midterm break

Today, finally after 4 weeks of hard work in schools I’m off. But wait, unfortunately one of the schools doesn’t respect the mid-term break as they own their own space, so I will have to be back there for four hours on Saturday and a little bit on Sunday. But nevertheless, I have some time off to forget about the routine. It is also good as I just dropped part of my English family (kind of, not in the official way)at the airport after their week holiday in Malta. The flat seems big again;)
It was lovely to host them and soon I will write a post about our experiences but it also nice to have some freedom and quietness around the house, especially if you’re a teacher and you’re more inclined to be in the noise all the time. Have you ever wondered if kids have different sort of hearing as they always are so loud? I feel like I’m getting deaf around them but for them it’s the normal way of expressing themselves… Weird…
I have to apologise that I do not update my post often enough but lately my work, guests and the fact that I do not have a proper computer made it all quite difficult.
By the way, has any of you in Malta following my blog knows a good place to buy a laptop/tablet at a reasonable price? Mine is broken and when I took it to Maltese computer service they said that because motherboard is broken there is no point to repair it as it cost too much. I sent my computer to Poland where my mum has a good IT guy to fix it but it seems that this particular part is really hard to get so I’m again considering buying something new but not too pricey.
And one more thing, tomorrow afternoon I’m meeting my first Polish blog follower. How cool is that? I might make a new friend here thanks to my blog:)


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