The real life…

I didn’t think that coming back to work after long summer holidays and not really regular work throughout last year can be so stressful and tiring. But unfortunately, it is. It’s tough to get organised, be somewhere on time and all together to be responsible again… Makes me miss ships and stressful free life again and probably if I had a chance to go there I would but once you quit it’s really hard to get back on board…
But coming back to my reality, I’m working in few different schools now and each of them have their own rules, paperwork I have to fill, ideas for teaching and I have to get my head around it…And today I found out that I got a job in completely different field with a decent wage which would make me feel finally comfortable and independent and… I can’t really take it because I got involved with schools…
I had a moment some time ago when I was thinking that I can’t have a job which has nothing to do with the music but now I’m not sure anymore. I don’t know if I have to sacrifice myself all the time waiting for something better to come or just drop the unrealistic ideas, do something different and be still unhappy with the job but with more money… The worst is that now I can’t even change it without completely closing one of the chapters of my life. At least on this island…
I’m not sure if this post makes any sense to any of you but I just felt I had to get it off my chest…


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