Asian Tiger mosquito

When we moved do Malta, one of our first question was do you have mosquitoes here? We actually thought that in the warm, island climate you don’t really meet so many of these creatures. As a reply we heard many stories about these bloodthirstily insects which attacks you in the middle of the day when you’re not expecting them at all. Supposedly they came from Asia through the fruits where mosquitoes eggs were laid. First they invaded Italy and then later on they spreaded to Malta as well.
Until today I haven’t seen any. I have to admit we were bitten few times by something which I think was a mosquito as it’s itchy as hell for the first two hours but then the itchiness and the pain disappear so we weren’t really concerned about that too much, especially that we have windows net in our flat. But today I had a close encounter with one who tried to suck my blood in the early morning hours while I was cleaning the balcony. There’s nothing better than start a day with a violent death of mosquito;) Oh wait, I can hear another one, here I go!

Asian tiger mosquito

Asian tiger mosquito
The Tiger mosquito or forest day mosquito, Aedes albopictus, from the mosquito family, is characterized by its black and white striped legs, and small black and white striped body. Wikipedia
Scientific name: Aedes albopictus
Higher classification: Aedes
Rank: Species

I’m finishing this post sitting next to lemon candle which supposed to repellent the insects. At 10 am…great;) But as a revenge for their brother’s death, I got bitten 3 times in the last 5 minutes…oh well…


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