last weeks of summer or prickly pear experience and almost head-on collision

Last few weeks were quite busy. I got back from Poland and found myself in our new flat which had all our staff in it but as my partner is working full-time it was up to me to sort this all out. I still have troubles finding some of our belongings but I can say more or less that we are already settled in our new home. It makes a big difference to switch to the flat which is twice as big as a previous one and has a balcony. Our landlord’s father lives in the same building and is a great help as he is quite a handyman and we can count on him fixing small equipment in the flat.

During this time I was also taking part in several interviews not only in my main music field and it was interesting to see how the interview for a normal job looks like. I am not saying that teaching music/piano, accompanying ballet classes it’s not normal but I have already had several of those and I know the drill. Applying for an office job was quite different and I was bit terrified by the prospect of  the interview but surprisingly it went pretty well. I almost felt that I could really work there. Of course, I am still waiting for their response and because I am busy with my music obligations in the afternoons , I am not sure I would be able to cope with  both jobs but it felt good to take a chance and see it for myself how a work in corporation can look like.

I also had an unpleasant experience with prickly pears- the ones you can find on top of the tall cacti here. For few days there was a season for these fruits and you could find guys with vans who were selling them. What I didn’t realise, silly me, that you never ever should touch them if they are not peeled. Hmm.. Of course, I had to touch one in Towers supermarket just out of curiosity and then I had hundreds of tiny needles in my hand. Great! I managed to take out most of them but one was stubbornly stuck inside my thumb. In the evening I, along with my boyfriend, were trying to squeeze  it out with many different tools including tweezers , knife, etc. but with no luck. And it all happened just the day before one of my interviews on which I was supposed to play piano. Typical! The next day, after my interview I decided to go to pharmacy and ask about that but on the way there I spot the man with a van full of prickly pears. Not thinking much about it, I approached him and explained my situation and asked him, as he was the expert, what to do with the needles. He looked at me blankly and asked how many of the peeled pears I wanted to buy. The conversation went on with me speaking English and him saying the numbers of pears I want and at some point I decided to give up. I can’t even imagined what he thought that I wanted;) Finally, I came across the pharmacy and one of the ladies working there recommended MAGNESIUM SULPHATE PASTE . And it really works miraculously. It seems to be the best treatment for cactus needles, sea urchins , splinters, you name it.

The other interesting and rather scary incident happened when I was driving one day to Paradise Bay. The beach that my friend recommended  some time ago and I have never had a chance to visit. I lost my way a bit there but finally I took the correct turning and I was slowly going on a newly renovated road. Then I saw one car overtaking the other one and staying on my lane as if it was his. Fortunately all 3 cars were driving pretty slowly and when we got closer we all stopped , he in front of me on my lane and the other car next to him on the neighborly lane. Guy yelled at me that this is one way road and what am I doing? I yelled probably the same back, adding some not nice words , we looked a teach other wth fury and eventually after the other car drove , he changed the lanes and passed me. I was pretty sure that I was correct, I didn’t see any sign for one way road but now I started to feel dubious. I drove to the bay and when I looked over my shoulder, I saw it. I was right . The sign said, watch out two way road…Typical.. So a little advice , when in Malta don’t believe any signs whatsoever. Even if they are true it doesn’t mean that any one will obey them…


12 thoughts on “last weeks of summer or prickly pear experience and almost head-on collision

  1. Przytrafilo mi sie to samo. Wyobraz sobie, ze wtedy wlasnie pomyslala, „gdyby to sie przytrafilo pianiscie przed koncertem“ 😉
    (Jestem na Malcie od 7 lipca tego roku)

    • Tak, nie było to przyjemne, ale przeżyłam;)Dzięki za komentarz. I jak ci sie Malta podoba? Pracujesz czy studiujesz? Do tej pory nie spotkałam zbyt wielu Polaków tu osiadlych, więc jakbyśmy miała kiedyś ochotę umówić sie na kawę, daj znać. Pozdrawiam.J

      • Pracuje w firmie Austriackiej (ostatnie 12 lat spedzilam w Austrii) Mam kontrakt na 2 lata. Mieszkam w Marsaskali pracule w Fgurze. Chetnie spotkam sie z toba na kawie. Po 17 mam najczesciej czas. Mozemy sie spotkac w Vallettcie.

  2. Czesc Ilona,

    W tym tygodniu mam gosci z Anglii i jestem zajeta- praca + zwiedzanie jest dosyc wyczerpujace. Za to czwartek i piatek mam wolny, bo jest przerwa szkolna, wiec jak chcesz sie umowic ok.17 w Vallettcie lub gdzies indziej o dowolnej godzinie, to bardzo chetnie.Daj mi znac.Pozdrawiam

  3. W piateki jestem najczescie po 15 wolna. Wiec mozemy sie spotkac w Vallettcie ok 16. Pasuje ci ten piatek czy muslisz o przyszlym piatku?

    • Ten piątek mi pasuje, jak najbardziej:)powiedz gdzie o 16 i tam będę. Masz jakieś ulubione miejsce w Vallettcie? Ja często chodzę do restauracji koło katedry na placu z czerwonymi oknami,ale gdzie ci pasuje. Daj mi znać. Pozdrawiam

  4. mam ciemne spiete w kucyka wlosy, okulary w brazowej oprawce. Widzialam twoje zdjecie na stronie, wiec mam nadzieje, ze cie rozpoznam, dla pewnosci: 77883388

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