Slow paced life in the Polish countryside

This month I have gone for holidays to my home country Poland and I thought I can escape the Maltese heat and sun but I couldn’t be mistaken more… I’m now sitting at home with my mum, blinds are closed and we’re sitting in dark room trying to get away from 30 degrees heat outside. The only difference is the luscious green everywhere which a nice view compared to gray/beige color which is everywhere now in Malta except of some palm trees and bougainvilleas. The time here is passing slowly and I’m spending relaxing time away from all the noise, traffic and people. The only downside is the harvest time here which brings some big farming equipment early in the morning but it’s different noise from the construction one I had in front of my flat… I’m staying in my mum’s place which is an old converted farmhouse on the outside of Lodz- city in the centre of Poland where I was brought up. The life here is slow full of cooking, riding the bike(although not in that heat),picking fruits from the garden (now we have season for plums, wild strawberries and blueberries), playing with our two cats and practicing the piano. Good life:)


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