Busy week with friends over

Lately, we had few friends over and because of that we manage to see even more of Malta or at least refresh our memory of well-known visiting sites here. The only downside was that they came to experience two of the hottest days ever in July according to some sources and we had to do some of the exploring in sometimes really unbearable heat. It was 37 degrees but RealFeel was much, much higher.

Here are the most interesting points of our wandering:

  • Mdina- We started our tour of Malta from Mdina in the morning which was even hotter that usual but the tiny, narrow alleys and architecture made up for it as always.

    the colourful doors

    and the green ones as well

    and the balcony although not the typical Maltese one

    • The next stop was the Dingli Cliffs and the Chapel of Mary Magadalene

    the chapel

    • We finished the evening in Blue Grotto. We decided to take the bus as we wanted to make BBQ and have some drinks. We didn’t checked that the bus going actually to Blue Grotto is one per hour so  at some point we had a stop in Zurrieq which wasn’t too bad as we were equipped with beer. The swim in  Blue Grotto was great as always, especially because the boats weren’t running any more, the water was very clear and we saw plenty of fish.  It was a great idea to have a BBQ here. I never had a sausage which tasted better than then. Just a friendly reminder, you can get a grill and go set-which means a grill ready to go but remember to buy in the supermarket and not in your local store as they can charge you twice as much…

    P.S. All the photos are taken by Marcin Budziarski. I didn’t ask for permission but I hope he doesn’t mind.

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