Festa in Sliema

Last night we had a chance to take part in celebrations in our neighboring Sliema. Our main purpose was to see the famous Maltese fireworks which were already prepared few days ago and we spotted them walking on the promenade. The Maltese fireworks are elaborately designed. They’re some sort of construction with fireworks attached to them. Some of them might be in shape of stars, circles etc. To say the truth , it’s hard to describe them. We thought that around 8 would be the best time to see them but, of course we were late. We heard some noises when we’re leaving the flat and by the time we got to the Strand it was finished. What’s the point of fireworks when it’s still light outside? Is it some sort of Maltese way to appreciate the beauty of them in the sunshine? Mhmm… Anyhow, we were quite disappointed but decided to stick around and stay away from our hot apartment which gets worse in the evening. The strand was full with people and soon after the procession with the Virgin Mary and brass band started. It was great to watch them marching through the street and in the meantime some fireworks started on the Manoel Island. So not everything was lost in our firework evening. We hang around a bit and then decided to visit the fair on the island . If I was a bit younger maybe I would be excited by the idea and some of the fairground rides but was mostly struck me was the unbelievable noise. Every ride had its own music and it seemed they tried to compete with each other who’s louder… I have enough of that at my place as one of the neighbors idea of revenge is to put the speaker on the terrace with loud techno to annoy other ones who listen to concerts of Phil Collins every weekend in the mornings…How mature;) At least you know if you hear Phil in the morning that’s Saturday;)

Coming back to our night out, almost on the way home we were treated to some pretty good fireworks old style and I have to say it put smile on my face. I haven’t seen them for a long time as in Ireland they’re illegal, even on New Year’s Eve… Can you imagine? I was just bit surprised that some people instead of watching them decide to film it or take the best picture and therefore missing the moment… That’s not point… Anyway, even from my home window later that night I saw some more fireworks and really pretty good ones so all in all, it was a great night.

Our closest church prepared for the festa

the “dressed” street ready for celebrations

the procession with the statue of Madonna and the brass band behind

the nicely lit church


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