Being a tourist in Malta

Lately, we felt like doing the touristy stuff and tried the Hop on- Hop off bus, the south route and it was a great experience. The weather was brilliant as always and seeing even the well-known places from the top of the double-decker is completely different  plus listening to some interesting commentary on  the way was pretty good. We didn’t really hop off on every stop, our main goal was to get to the Blue Grotto which was supposed to be one of the best sights in Malta. And to be honest, it is one of the greatest places. The water there is incredibly blue and crystal clear. We took an obligatory boat tour which takes you to all the caves including The Blue Grotto and it was a remarkable trip. I would do it again and again and again… We saw few private boats anchored there and we were pretty jealous of that. Imagine, you are bobbing around in the blue, crystal clear water with your super, luxurious boat and then whenever you feel like it, you can dip your toes in the water or  be more adventurous and snorkel… Grrr… I wish I had a boat;)

on the way to Blue Grotto

the blue water in Blue Grotto

one of the caves

one of the boats anchored near the caves…

We also had a chance to swim in the blue waters and it was a really refreshing experience. If you’re in the area you should try to have a lunch in of the restaurants overlooking the sea. We managed to a table on the roof top and enjoyed a tasty meal with spectacular views.

After we got back on the bus, we travelled two more stops and get off on the stop featuring two ancient temples in the south of Malta. Both temples are under big tents to prevent the further deterioration of the stones structure. It also allows the visitors to get away from the sun for few moments and enjoy the view. Pretty good idea, I have to admit.

It was a great time out and we are looking to do it again, maybe to try the hop on hop off bus in Gozo someday. During the tour we heard about the place called Ghar Lapsi, not so far from the temples which supposed to be a small rocky beach and yesterday we visited it. It’s a swimming spot popular mostly with locals and to say the truth there is not much space to sunbathe, just to leave your gear and go swimming and snorkelling. It was my first time snorkelling in Malta and I wasn’t disappointed. There were plenty of fishes, crabs, corals and at some point even the jelly fishes which made me hurry back  to the shore. There is also a place to have a BBQ or a picnic on top of the rocks and it’s overlooking the sea with the Fifla island in the view.


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