Italy versus England

Euro 2012 is quite popular here with all the foreigners around supporting their country’s teams. I watched two of the Polish games on the big screen in Spinola Bay and the atmosphere there was great. On Sunday we went to watch the Italy-England game but we didn’t realise that everybody had the same brilliant idea. You have to understand one thing about Malta. They like the Italians and English as well. When I spoke to some of my Maltese colleagues they said that half the country supports Italy and the other half England. So if you know that, you can imagine how the crowd in front of the big screen looked like. It was amazing to see all these supporters dressed up and cheering their teams. It almost seemed like Malta was actually taking part in Euro 2012;) Of course it was too busy there and finally we found a place in Cork’s Bar which was full (ironically) of English and found empty seats just under the AirCon… Hmm… It was too much for us so after the first half we moved to the different bar full of teenage Italian supporters. What a difference;) All in all , it was a great night out even though the English didn’t win;) After the game all streets were full of happy (Maltese) Italian supporters, singing, honking theirs horns and just simply being happy. It was delightful to watch. The only upsetting event on the way home took place in front of the infamous Cork’s Bar were furious and drunk English fans spat on two young girls wearing the Italians flag and called them the stupid f….cking c…nts… Really, if that’s the typical English behaviour, I’m lucky I met the completely different English guy:)

Crowd gathering in front of the big screen in Spinola Bay

And the overview of the Spinola Bay just before the game


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