Almost holidays…

I am almost finished with all my teaching and playing for the scholastic year. Just some odd bits and pieces like the concerts in the beginning of the July that I have to prepare to. But to say the truth I am still not feeling the freedom of holidays.

First of all, watching the Polish games in Euro 2012 was bit depressing especially our last game against Czech Republic which we lost and therefore finished our adventure with the championship. Although, on the positivie side,  I met some fellow countrymen here in Malta watching the game. With few newly met friends I watched the games on the big screen in Spinola Bay and the atmosphere was really great although not too enthusiastic after the Saturday game. Oh well, it was supposed to be our breakthrough but finished liked always.Typical…

Secondly, I got some sort of bacterial infections which first was a cold but now ended up affecting my ears which mean that I am half deaf. Not much fun for the musician. Finally, after trying to deal with it  at home, I decided to visit the doctor. As I am not insured here, I chose to go to St. James Hospital as you don’t need to make an appointment and the normal visit costs 15 Euros. Only 15 Euros!!I thought about the times I went to the doctor in Dublin and paid 50 or more. I was really nicely surprised by the hospital and care there. I was seen by a doctor about 20 minutes after my arrival and finally was given some prescriptions for antibiotics which should sort me out soon and get rid of my impaired hearing;) The only downside which actually makes me in not- holiday- mood is no alcohol and no swimming…Seriously!!! And when I have actually time, heat and the sunshine is more than you can bear…I am counting the days… 5 more to go and I can really enjoy my time here:)


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