Leisure time at the rocks

Last weekend we spent both afternoons relaxing on the rocks in Sliema/St. Julian’s. To say the truth I’m not sure what that part is called exactly as it is the bay before the Ballutta Bay in St. Julian’s. For those of you who know Malta, it’s the bay with colorful big umbrellas and many benches and the stairs to the rocky beach. It’s a great spot as there’s so much space that you still feel that you can have some privacy which during the hot weekend at the beach can be priceless. The whole area has ladders which give you an easy access to the water. Well, I heard that real Maltese don’t go to the sea until July so all these people who were with us must be foreigners:) The water is still but on the chilly side but for us who enjoyed swimming in Baltic sea or in the seaside in UK it’s good enough. The water seems very clean and clear. You can spot fishes and small crabs, so just watch out where you sit;) I think for sure will be coming back to this bay as its close by, doesn’t require driving so you can relax with a beer and then refresh yourself in the water. On the plus side, at least for me, there’s a cat village there as well with very friendly ones:)
By the way, I could not mention Euro 2012 as Poland is the co- host this time. Today we have a really important game against Russia. If we don’t win, we can say goodbye to further participance in this championships so fingers crossed!!! I’ll be watching with few new Polish friends and I hope I won’t be disappointed!!!


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