fresh figs mean beginning of the holiday season

Today when I went to my local grocery guy I spotted that  he had fresh figs in stock. That made my day! I remember from one of my first abroad holidays in Italy that we were able to buy fresh figs there and whenever I see them nowadays I always think about my first unforgettable holidays spent in the Mediterranean country. And now I am here and living the dream…Well more or less;)

freshly sliced fig…

and the tasty omelette

It has been a long week for me and even such simple thing as a fig can make me smile. I spent last few days accompanying at the ballet exams in my school and although it’s a fun thing it”s still very tiring as you have to play for about 6-7 hours a day and later on your back and fingers start to complain. Fortunately, I am almost done with my jobs for the summer. Still ahead of my are the Trinity vocal exams next Tuesday which means few hours of concentration and making sure that the students will be confident with me accompanying them, also the rehearsals and shows of some kids groups in Masquerade which will take place in MITP. I am also practising for the concert  which will take place in early days of July so there is not much space for many adventures. Fortunately, I finally started driving a week ago and now I am more mobile than ever and don’t have to count on Arriva buses which lately disappointed me completely making me late 30 minutes for work.

Anyway, I am looking forward to holiday season because finally I will have more time to discover Malta but also because some friends of us are coming in July and I am looking forward to spending time with them. And of course, more figs to come;)


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