Interrupted lunch

After one of the posts called noise I thought I won’t have to mention that topic again but today, after having lunch at the Sliema seafront I’m compelled to mention it again. Seriously people,I understand there’s plenty of construction, renovation etc. going on but come on…Today we had a lunch at one of the places on the seafront and the main attraction/annoyance was a guy operating a GCB- some sort of tractor, was trying to work his way through some stones directly opposite the restaurant. He would play with the rocks for a little bit, blocking the whole street, annoying all the customers of the nearby restaurants and he would go away just to arrive again after few minutes..I’m not sure what his assignment was but he didn’t seem to do anything besides making noise and more mess. I think that we should win a prize for speed pizza eating… Seriously, whole fun from having a nice lunch on seafront vanished…
Lately, a friend of mine, Spanish girl living in Dublin who visited Malta last week, asked me what I don’t like about living here. My answer was quick: noise and traffic. The first one I already explained before. The second one, well let’s just say that the traffic and crazy drivers discouraged me from driving for the last three and a half month. Unfortunately, as we’re finally in the process of registration our Irish car plus the fact that the busses are quite undependable ( they will get you to your destination, don’t get me wrong, but nobody knows when, for sure not according to the schedule), I’ll have to drive eventually, probably sooner or later. I’m dreading this moment but I guess it has to be done.
Now, in front of me there are few busy weeks- ballet exams, voice exams and rehearsals for kids shows plus something else regarding piano that I’m preparing for but just want to leave it for myself for the good luck;)


2 thoughts on “Interrupted lunch

  1. Heya, I have also heard that the drivers are really crazy down there. However you didn’t mention what it’s like to live in one of the most densely populated countries in the world. I’m considering leaving hectic London after spending 8 years here, and one of the options would be Malta due to it being an IT hotspot, weather, great food and low cost of living. The only concern would be is how much space do you actually have for yourself? I’m after a more relaxed lifestyle than what I have here, but can you actually relax with all the loud construction noises and people(Maltese are said to be pretty loud/animated)?

    • Hi Peter,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. You’re right the island is the one of the most populated country but to say the truth it can’t be worse than London, honestly;) Of course the centre area like Sliema ans St. Julians can get crowded, especially in the afternoon hours and I heard it can get much worse when all the tourist will show up but there are still places to unwind and find a spot just for yourself. There is plenty of countryside when you drive out of city , besides that as in Malta we don’t have many sandy beaches , there are plenty of rocky spots to sunbathe and swim and really easily you can find your favourite spot there not many people can bother you. The lifestyle is definitely very relaxed and it takes time to get used to after living in the West where things are more organized but hey it’s the charm of the island and whole Mediterranean. People are louder, I think it’s again the Mediterranean way and you have to make sure that your apartment its not in front of the construction side-like mine now but all in all I would recommend checking it out. Maybe coming for some time just to make sure that the place suits. it’s not that expensive to rent an apartment for just few months and you could get an idea how is it here really. Good luck:)

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