Sicily during the daylight, finally:)

Last Sunday we had to get up really early to get on board the fast ferry -catamaran to Sicily. The departure was scheduled for 6.30 am but because we were travelling with the car we had to arrive around 5 am which meant getting up even earlier. Grrr…The sailing to Pozzallo was pretty smooth and we arrived safely around 8tish. Then we hit the road to Syracuse, one of the oldest cities in Sicily in which the ancient cultures (Greek and Roman) mix together. Sicily has quite good motorways which are still free although you can see that they built the boots for collecting the fees but they are not working yet, good for us. We ended up on a small island called Ortygia where most of the points of interests are located. It’s a island full of narrow , cobbled streets, piazzas with coffee shops and it takes around 45 minutes to visit it all. We’ve seen the Temple of Apollo which was quite destroyed but you can still imagine how it looked in the ancients times. We saw then the Piazza Archimede ( Syracuse it’s the town where he was born).

In the 17th century Sicily was terribly destroyed by an earthquake and some of the monuments were reconstructed or renovated accordingly to the style of that times which means you can find a church originally built in Gothic style with some baroque façade constructed later on.

one of the piazzas

We  also had a chance to get one of the best coffees or should I say coffee dessert ever.

delicious coffee

We couldn’t help ourselves and had two different flavours of this delicacy. As well we tried the famous Sicilian canoli which was more than good. Riccotta cheese filling with nuts, mhmmm…

one of the narrow streets

another piazza

Unfortunately, whole day was really cloudy so the pictures don’t have a good light…

Later on we decided to visit the Syracuse Neapolis Archaeological Park which is a massive excavation site and can give you and idea how life looked in the ancient times. There is a Greek theatre which is still working and there are several performances there, there is a Roman amphitheatre where gladiators used to fight and you can also find a big cave which was named by Caravaggio Ear of Dionysus. The legend says that guards could eavesdrop the stories prisoners told each other due to the superb acoustic n that place.

The Roman amphitheatre










The Greek theatre










Ear of Dionysus


and inside


On the way back we were travelling through many tunnels and on many bridges that Italy is famous for. Just try not to look down, we said to each other all the time as it’s really high there…

the bridge in Ragusa


on the far blue one we actually drove to Ragusa…it’s really high up in the sky….


All in all, it was a great day out which lasted 20 hours. We got back home after a bit disturbing sailing to Malta because of the wind. The sea wasn’t very rocky but the catamaran was bouncing from one side to the other and plenty people were seasick, not only in the toilets…We managed to survive and focused on some stupid movie which was shown and then around midnight we collapsed to bed at home. I am hoping to get back to Sicily for a bit longer because our Sunday trip was just a taster of what can we see there. For sure it has more to offer than Malta and it seems greener,has more mountains and many sandy beaches which we barely have here in Malta.


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