the first BBQ party/house warming

Last weekend we were invited to our friend’s house for house warming. What a treat it was:) They have a place situated between St. Julian’s and San Gwann on the hills overlooking some country side plus some distant sea views. The place is very spacious and has its own swimming pool where the party was taking place. To say the truth I’ve never before been to a party where after few drinks and food you can just jump to the pool to chill out which of course some of us did. I am not saying it was that hot that we had to but it was fun nonetheless although the water was bit chilly. There was a great mix of foreigners and local Maltese and the food was very tasty. I even had a chance to speak Polish, how bizarre. I hope we will have chance to join the parties like that more often, I hope we didn’t behave to badly, Neil;)

It makes us feel that sometimes our one bedroom apartment without pool and balcony and guest room is a bit too tiny but maybe in the future we will be able to upgrade. I guess the biggest advantageĀ  of our location is that we live very close to National Swimming Pool and although it’s not our own, we treat it that way. I got somehow addicted to swimming and in the last two and half weeks have been there 11 times which means almost every day except weekend. The water is heated which makes it great in any weather. Now it got bit chillier due to very strong wind and I skipped the swimming for the last two days but will get back to it us soon as possible.

As the scholastic year is coming to an end soon , I am more busy because I am playing at the ballet exams-4 full days and at the vocal exams and it means more rehearsal during the preceding 2 and a half weeks which is great.

Our next adventure should be visiting Sicily this Sunday, if I manage to book the tickets so I am looking forward to an exciting full day in Italy:)


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