I think after 3 month leaving in Malta , I am allowed to criticise a bit. There are plenty of good reasons why one should move to and live in Malta but one of the downside is the NOISE. I mean traffic noise, construction’s noise, people’s noise. Everything seems to be loud here. I’ve experienced all these sounds while walking and visiting but now the on going construction in front of our flat drives me insane. And it won’t be finished until March 2012, long after we’ll probably move to another place. One could say it’s not really a big deal as they work from 7-3 pm when all normal people are at work anyway, so what’s the trouble. Well, the problem is, I am the unlucky one who works in the afternoon and have to listen to it everyday. Being a musician doesn’t help as I guess you are more prone to hear everything. Since the construction started I am playing on my digital piano in headphones and still hear some of it. Rubbish!!!
I know I am sounding bit negative but just writing about it makes me feel better. Some bad energy is released now;)


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