Ide cienista strona ulicy/ I am walking on the shady side of the street

I think I turned into a local person. Well, almost;) When we came here , we were so keen on sunshine after living around 2 years in rainy and chilly Dublin, that we used any moment and time to grab some sun. But not any more…Now , I am choosing the shady side of a street like wise local people do. Especially, after getting sunburned recently…Whenever I am crossing the street to escape from the sun, it reminds about the song sang by one of my favourite Polish artists-  Grzegorz Turnau. In this song he’s talking about walking on the shady side of the street , of course metaphorically, as it is always, in poetry, but now this song is all the time on my mind. My Polish friends should now which one I am talking about, if so speak up. Zostawcie komentarz, żebym mogla uwierzyć, ze ktoś to z Polski czyta;)

Lately, we had a chance to take part in an event organized by local Facebook Expat feel @ home group which took place in Ghajn Tuffieha  Bay which next to Golden Bay.

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

It was a lovely afternoon filled with special Maltese Tuna ftira, entertainment provided by Dara and then yoga class with Sliva. We had a chance to meet new people but it seems most of them already knew each other and stayed in their own groups.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I have the feeling that the older I get it’s harder for me to make friends. Please, don’t get me wrong . I am a friendly and pretty easy-going person (at least that what I think) but most of my best friends are from school or Academy (you can call it University). It was then when I created the strongest bonds with people which still remain my friends  and this is the thing I miss the most, being an emigrant. Now I seem to be more choosy with whom I get along  and moving again to a different country and starting new friendships all over, it’s not easy…I guess, how many times you can say all over again, what do you do, where you come from, why are you here etc…


2 thoughts on “Ide cienista strona ulicy/ I am walking on the shady side of the street

  1. Julik, to Przybora jest:) a Turnau nagral raz jeszcze. Zeby nie bylo-podczytuje co u Was. Trzymaj sie w cieniu…k

    • Czesc Karolina;) wiem, ze to Przybora, bo na plycie Cafe Sultan sa tylko przeboje Starszych Panow, ale dzieki za poprawke. Milo uslyszec, ze sledzisz, co u mnie;)Juz nie pamietam, kieyd ostatnio sie widzialysmy, styl;)pozdrwaiam serdecznie:)

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