Sunny snapshots …not…and some piano talk;)

Easter is coming closer and closer  the school I work at is closed for 2 weeks and I am enjoying this time mostly outdoors. Unfortunately, not doing anything too crazy, just checking out my neighbourhood and not being forced to be anywhere on time which is brilliant. This post was supposed to be about me sharing few snapshots of the  beautiful sunshine and views around the neighbourhood but I took all the pictures on my phone and now my rubbish memory card doesn’t work. I’ve been struggling with it for few days now but nothings so it leaves  me  with just describing the views with words which is not really easy…and I will leave it until I fix my card.

The other bit of news is that I am going to perform in some of the Maltese hotels so you might see me in of the 5star hotel playing piano. I am also putting together a duo with a Ukrainian violin player. We had today a really hard-working afternoon. For five hours we were putting together a programme which can not only interest people fond of classical music but also all of you who look at the classical music with bit of suspicion. I promise it’s not going to be boring;)

By the way, if any of you following my blog are interested more in me as a pianist I recommend checking my website which also include YouTube links. Who knows you might want me to be your teacher or book me for a wedding…

But enough of self-advertisement, next week I will be armed with my real camera which should work and for sure I will have much more to write as our parents are coming over for Easter and we will take them to all the tourist and not only places in Malta.


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