R+J Forever

I know it had been sometime that I wrote anything and honestly probably there are no excuses for that. I work, yes, but not that much that I don’t have few minutes to spare. I will try to be better;)

Anyway, Malta lately is spoiling us with really nice weather. It’s sunny and warm. Last weekend we spend on our “Balcony” drinking wine. I am writing ” balcony” as we really do not have one and we actually sit on the stone fence in front of our apartment which is facing a potato field which is as much as we can get close to the nature from our flat.

I noticed that cats are especially keen on the warmer weather and sunbathing ion our close neighbourhood.

Enjoying the sun

this one is especially friendly towards me.It almost makes me late to work everyday;)

But actually this is not what I wanted to talk about and the title of the post suggests something else as well. Yesterday I went to the performance of R +J Forever presented by Masquerade in Old University Theatre in Valletta. For you who don’t know about Masquerade, it’s a theatre company and Arts School operating in Malta since 1998. There are classes in dancing, drama and singing . Note if you get a singing class, you might be lucky to get me as a teacher but only when somebody else is sick. And if you are less than 5 years old you can try the all time favourite “Wheels on the bus go round and round”…

Anyway, R+J Forever is a mash-up musical based on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. It set in the modern times and includes a lot of contemporary music like Adele, Nirvana, Pink, just to name the few. The cast consists of 22 talented young actors who got their training in Masquerade.


The performance was full of energy which emanated into audience. I have noticed a lot of promising actors who also have good voices and can actually sing which doesn’t happen too often. It was fun, entertaining, good quality theatre and I am looking forward to seeing more productions like that or be part of it. Below there are some pictures form the leaflet and also form the live performance. Sorry if they can be bit blurry but you have to remember it’s live theatre!

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet


Today and tomorrow are the last performances so if you want to spend 15 Euros and be entertained by young , promising , Maltese artist, come along, you won’t regret it!