San Anton Gardens

Lately, when the weather was still nice not like today, which reminds me of  the gloomy days in Dublin, we went to visit San Anton Gardens which are situated in Attard. The official residence of Maltese president is placed in these gardens. It’s a very peaceful and charming place, with plenty of different plants, orange orchards,  cats walking by, turtles sunbathing, other animals kept in miniature zoo as well. There is a herb and vegetable garden where you can spot all different types of herbs as well as a pool for swans and ducks. We had a nice cup of coffee in the cafe called Kitchen Garden.It’s a very child friendly place and the sandwiches looked pretty yummy sandwiches at reasonable prices. At he back of the Cafe, there is the miniature zoo with donkeys, ponies, Maltese goats, some birds etc. Although, I have to say that some of the animals looked pretty sad sitting there in the cages…Strange, when you are a kid, you like zoos but then when you grow up, you realize how cruel it’s to put them in cages…Anyway, all in all, I recommend San Anton Gardens for sunny day.

first impression

The strolling cat

Turtles sunbathing

The herb garden