The spring and the warmth is coming

It’s official. Spring is coming and the warmth as well. Today my app showed 18 degrees and the “Realfeel” was supposed to be 22. And the real feel it was. I went for a short walk to get the groceries and the sun was nicely caressing my face. It feels so great. especially after living in Ireland where the sun is called this weird yellow ball in the sky as not many have seen in at all;) I even opened the window to make the flat warmer as it still is bit chilly. I guess soon I will be like all normal Maltese people – hiding from the heat and sunshine but for now I am really enjoying and appreciating it. The only downside to today is that I lost 10 euros on the way to the shop. Too excited about the sunshine, it must have fallen from my pocket. I say 10, as when I went back to track my steps I recovered the 5 euro note but not the 10 one. Quite disappointing but what can you do;)

Lately, we were walking around neighbourhood as we didn’t really have time to get away bit further. The reason is my work in the afternoon plus compulsory practising and the other is the fact that we still haven’t registered our car…Won’t say more about it now…

Duirng our short trip we visited once again the neighbourly “Duck village” and I wanted to share some updates with you.

The guarding ducks in the "Duck Village"

The friendly cat in "Duck village"

The "Duck village" panorama

The view from Ta Xbiex overlooking The Manoel Island

Valletta in distance


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