Working week of the ballet accompanist

Another week passed and i can’t believe that we are already now 3 weeks in Malta. The time passed so quickly. Last week I was mostly busy with my job.

I have to explain here that I am classically trained pianist with MA from Academy of Music. After graduating from Academy I got a job on a cruise ship as a pianist and something what supposed to be just one time experience changed into my job for almost 5 years. I almost wished that I had a blog then because the places I visited, people I met and adventures I had were pretty incredible but I hope I will come back to it here at some point. Coming back to my job, when I moved to Dublin to live with my boyfriend , I started a career as a piano teacher and freelance accompanist which was quite interesting and fulfilling.  Now, I am again working as an accompanist but a particular one- the ballet accompanist. Before starting my job here I knew that there are accompanists in ballet but never met one and never thought how important and challenging this position is. I am working 3 days a week here, having 4 classes each day which means playing whole set of exercises from different books depending on the grade/level of the student. It’s not too much if you’re familiar with it but I moved here and had to start work 4 days after I got the books which means I was and still am literally practising the piano like crazy, like I used to do when I was a piano student. Good times;) I am really happy that this job pushed me again into practising routine as I can be quite lazy.

The other job I have here is being accompanist/voice coach/singing teacher (actually whoever they need at the moment) at the Theatre School. This is also quite interesting as I deal with kids and adults interested in music/arts and the whole atmosphere in the school is very artistic. I hope to get more hours there.

All that above caused, that I didn’t really have time to explore Malta this week which I regret but once I will deal with all my ballet books , I should continue my sightseeing. So, hopefully this week:)


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