Trip to the west side of the island

The other day when we saw few rays of sunshine we decided to get the most of it and hit the west side of the island. Just a quick thought, I am not sure if you are aware that now in Malta is pretty cold. when I mean cold, it’s not -10 but around +10 but because there is no heating in the flat , it seems much cooler so every ray of sunshine is reason to be happy and warm. Anyway, as we live in the centre of island ,nowhere is further than 15 minutes drive or 20kms. Our first stop was Dingli cliffs. Very picturesque place from where you can spot tiny island Filfa and on clear days supposedly coast of Libya.

view from Dingli cliffs, in the back small island Filfa

Dingli cliffs with me somwhere;)

After that we were heading to Golden Bay which supposed to be one of the best beaches in Malta but accidentally we took a wrong turn and ended up in Gnejna Bay which is also pretty and quite abandoned. Maybe it’s a good alternative from the Golden Bay which from what I read seems to be crowded during the summer months.

Gnejna Bay

me in Gnejna Bay

And finally we ended up in Golden Bay which is a beach in front of Raddisson  hotel.

Golden Bay panorama

Malta's panorama on the way to the bays

Overall, it was a great, sunny day and we need more like that. Please….


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