First week in Malta

During our first week we managed to sort out the apartment. It took us some time to unload our entire luggage, including digital piano and find a proper spot for it in our new flat. Not to mention ironing all the clothes which were squashed in vacuum bags, which are by the way brilliant idea to pack tour clothes. We also find the local supermarket and grocery and we stocked our kitchen with the local product. Our favourites so far are:

  • hmm… cheap wines and sangria –to say the truth even the expensive wines here are cheaper than the ones in Dublin,
  •  Gozo cheese, especially the peppered one,
  •  juicy oranges – we treated ourselves to new blender and every morning we are starting healthy with a glass of smoothie,
  • olives etc.

I am pretty sure soon we will add more favourites to this list. I still need to discover what sort of treasures are in our local fishery which seems to be stocked with plenty of fresh fishes and seafood every day.

As I am starting my new job as a ballet accompanist tomorrow, I’ve been quite busy practicing the piano like crazy as I am supposed to learn all the pieces from 6 books and it does take a lot of time. Due to that we didn’t really have much time to explore much more but Ian is pushing me to go outside every day to just get some fresh air.

During these short escapades in our neighbourhood we discovered not that far from where we leave a place called “Duck village” which is situated on the entrance to Manoel Island . I know it may sound bit funny but it seems that Maltese are quite concerned about their animals. We already spotted cats villages which I will try to cover in next posts but this was something different. Small huts built close to the seaside full with different types of animals, not only ducks. You could spot chickens, turkeys, a goose couple, rabbits, guinea pigs, occasional cats and pigeons. All of them are living happily in harmony. There is a donation box so you can support them and we also saw a guy who seems to be in charge of this place with fresh grass and other food for the animals. It was really amazing.

the cat on top of small hut in Duck Villageguinea pigs

all the birds

The other thing worth noticing is that when it rains in Malta, it really rains. We heard it before from our estate agent and she said when it rains the whole Malta stops. We had a preview the other day when we were catching a flight back to Dublin which I mentioned in other post but this Friday we experienced it again. We were coming back from St. Julians where we met with our friends who also relocated here from Dublin. We caught the bus back home and in the meantime it started to rain. When we got off, the roads literally turned into rivers with waves in them. It was really hard to find a spot to cross the street without risking our shoes to be completely soaked. Finally, we walked to the other side and as you can imagine shoes were completely wet. I don’t how is it happening as there seems to be enough of drainage but still some water is till staying on the streets.

To finish up this post, I just want to mention that on Sunday we went to the south side of the island as it was finally sunny and bit warmer. We visited Marsaskala and then we drove to Marsaxlokk. We didn’t know that on Sundays there is an open market and plenty of people are spending their afternoon there. It was really hard to park but after a while we found some spot, though miles away. We walked a bit on the seafront and then decided to have lunch and the local fish dishes. We chose one of the many restaurants and got seated there. We ordered and waited and waited…after 45 minutes when people next to us who came later ate their food and left we began to get quite annoyed and asked the waitress. In the first place she said that the food is coming but then when she checked in the kitchen she explained that there was some misunderstanding and they forgot about our order. Typical! It could only happen to us. She asked us to wait another 20 minutes but we politely declined and left. So much for the fish lunch in Marsaxlokk, maybe next time.

Maraskala bay view

Maraskala with church in the view

Marsaxlokk with colourful boats


4 thoughts on “First week in Malta

    • Thanks for that;)
      I’ll try do more picks after I have my first days at school and I don’t have to practice too much but this duck village is really amazing.when you come you’ll see it:)xxx

  1. Hope you have a great time here in Malta. I’m sure you’ll find lots of things to keep you entertained over here and after your time in Dublin you will doubtless appreciate the presence of that big yellow round thing in the sky!

    • Thanks David.I am slowly getting used to the sun although still not believe that it can really get warm here;)thanks for you blog- plenty of useful info there.Cheers.

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