Catamaran trip Pozzallo – Malta

On Monday morning we finally boarded ferry-catamaran from Virtu Ferries to end our European journey and I have to admit it was a memorable end to our trip. The catamaran looked pretty amazing from outside and even better inside. We parked our car on the lower deck which was later on secured with chains, that should give us some idea what can we expect from the sail. We sat in the front of the ship, taking the views of sea, happy that we finally managed to our last leg of the journey. First 30 minutes were pretty pleasant, although there was an announcement that due to bad weather conditions we can expect some rough seas (this was the main reason why the sail was rescheduled 7 hours earlier). Later on we experienced the roughest sail ever. It’s funny to say that especially because we both are experienced sea people –having spent 5 years aboard cruise ships counts but we never felt that way before. We could see Malta in the horizon but where we were the waves were very high, and splashing onto the windows. Mind you we were on the top deck 30metres high and catamaran was balancing from one side to the other. I really thought that at some point we will capsize. Our choice of the seats wasn’t the best at that moment as it was the rockiest point so we moved bit further clutching our hands together. The staff was walking with paper bags just in case of seasickness and in calming tone reassured us that everything is all right and soon we will be in Malta. After another terrifying 40 minutes we approached Malta. We were pretty sure that cars must have scattered on the lower deck due to the rough sea but it seems the chains worked perfectly and all the cars seems to be fine. At 2 pm we got off the ship and finished our week long journey 30 minutes later in our new home, in Gzira.


3 thoughts on “Catamaran trip Pozzallo – Malta

    • Shouldn’t be bad now. Here real winter is in February and this is when you shouldn’t take the ferry. Now in November and December the weather is quite mild with occasional rainstorms. Fingers crossed for your crossing. BTW, you have a great blog with all the photos:) How can I follow it?

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