Our journey on Grandi Navi Velocci was quiet pleasant even though we just booked the Pullman seats as the price of the cabin was the double of the normal price. The ferry was very similar to regular cruise ships with bars, restaurants and shops around. We spent there 20 hours and when we were docking we got a txt informing us that our ferry from Pozzallo ( The other end of Sicily) to Malta was rescheduled 7 hours earlier and was departing at noon the next day. We were supposed to stay with our CS that night and head to Pozzallo in the morning, having whole day to cover 300km but when we saw the message we decided to get there during the night. The weather wasn’t too pleasant- bit chilly and rainy. We were quite tired from the ferry as we only slept in the chairs so we were taking breaks at almost every petrol station and we ended in Pozzallo port at 2.30 am. And we stayed there till 12 am next morning…Our ferry to Malta was a modern catamaran which looked pretty amazing form outside and inside as well. When we parked our car on the car deck it was secured with special chains. We should get suspicious right there. We chose our seats at the front of the ship to have a good view…Hmm…First 30 minutes were quite pleasant but then we hit really rough seas and although both of us are experienced seamen (having spent almost 5 years aboard cruise ships) we have never experienced such a ride. The waves were breaking on the windows above the sea. We were clutching our hands all the time and feeling that the catamaran is bouncing from one side to the other. We were pretty sure that cars are shattered into pieces on the car deck. After about 2 hours surprisingly we docked in Malta and finally we were home.


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