Italian roads

On Saturday 3rd we left Nice pretty early to head to Genoa. We had whole day to cover around 200km. It seems that in Italy the motorways consist of bridges and tunnels. It’s really amazing that you can drive so up in the air with views of distant sea from one side and snowy mountains on the other. We arrived in Genoa in lunchtime and we were trying to find parking spot in the centre. Unsuccessfully…  We ended up near market place with plenty of people walking and trying to park. I needed to use the toilet so much so we stopped near some pizza place. I went there and the whole staff was Chinese. It’s bit odd to hear Chinese speaking Italian. My Italian is pretty basic at the moment but I guess my exasperated look and word toilet can do miracles. After that, we finally managed to park in the shopping mall where we were hanging around for the next few hours. At some point we came up with the idea that we could watch some movie as the cinema which was just opposite but it seems that all movies in cinemas in Italy are dubbed….So, no luck there. After few hours we decided to head to the port as our ferry Grandi Navi Velocci was supposed to leave in the evening to Palermo. We put our destination on GPS and started driving. If you have never been to Genoa in the car, beware. The main road going through town is elevated and there are only few exits from there. When we were up in the air we managed to see the port but there were no signs where to get off and to make matter worse our GPS understood our final destination as a point on this elevated road. We were in troubles. We started driving forward, hoping to get to some exit but without luck. At some point we managed to do so but we ended up going through underground parking system which led us to old town. That was a disaster. Without a proper paper map and GPS ( which was running on a tablet) having just 5 % battery life and darkness around us…Somehow we got back to main road and exited it near port but then when we found the right road leading to port, it was closed…Typical! As some point we spotted a road going to cruise terminal and we took our chances. It was the correct one and few minutes later we got to ferry port, and still few hours ahead of our departure. It was really cold evening and again I needed to use the toilet but here was no in sign. We sat there for more than two hours and then we realised that there was one just behind us…Come on… I went there and water in the sink was literally frozen and the same was the floor. It was the coldest toilet ever but I couldn’t be happier at that time.


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