The longest drive which ended in Nice

Yesterday we left Clermont- Ferrand early in the morning and headed south. On this day we weren’t planning to stay with CS as we wanted to drive as far as possible. The first hour was really tough as the temperature was around-12, snow everywhere and we had to drive through snowy mountain peaks. Later on it get better and we watched our thermometer in the car gradually ascend to almost 6 degrees in the evening. We managed to cover more than 650 km and late at the we ended up in Nice in the hotel room overlooking the promenade. Too tired to go out on Friday night, we stayed in with wine and baguettes with cheese. Waking up to views of Nice in the sunrise was really great. I wish we could stay longer and discover this pretty city but around 9 we headed to Genoa. As we drove so long yesterday, it left us today with just 180km. Although a short ride but very picturesque. Consisting mostly of high Bruges, tunnels and stunning views of snow peaks on one side and sea on the other. In less than three hours we got to Genoa where are we now. Finding a car space on Saturday afternoon was tough and we ended up going into circles few times but finally we found a shopping centre close to the port where we are resting. We still have few hours to kill and we wanted to watch some movie as cinema is also in this complex but all the movies are in dubbed in Italian. What a shame. Now in few hours we will board the ferry to Palermo and we should get there tomorrow evening. We didn’t book a cabin this time as it was vet pricey so we are hoping that there won’t be too many people and we can easily rest in one of common areas. Till tomorrow till Sicily. We are almost there:)


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