First day in France

Our journey aboard the Celtic Link wasn’t too bad but the last few hours left a lot to be desired. The sea was rocky and although I am an experienced seaman;) considering that I spent five years on board cruise ships it wasn’t too pleasant. Because of the choppy sea we docked 2.5 hours later than it was scheduled. It put us under pressure to get quickly to our first couch surfer’s house near Alencon as they mentioned they have to get up pretty early in the morning. I am not sure if you’re familiar with the concept of couch surfing. Basically, it means that someone is offering a place to stay at their own home without charge but the most important aspect here is social interaction- meeting new people who share similar interest as yours. We were hosts several times in Dublin as we had spare room and thought that it was an interesting way to meet new people. Now is our turn to be hosted and yesterday we were surfers for the first time. We stayed at Ronan and Claire’s home in a small village outside Alencon. Although we were more than two hours late they waited for us with nice dinner. We had fresh baguette with rillet- sort of pork pate, then salad and potato, bacon and cheese tart which was so delicious that we had double portions, then local cheeses , dessert and wine. When you’re hosting you’re not obliged to serve food so it was really nice touch. We had an interesting conversation at the table although they mostly spoke French so I had to concentrate a lot and then we headed to bed. Today we got up at 6am as our CS friends work far away and had to leave the house at 7 and now we are on the road in direction of Clermobt-Ferrand.


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