Rainy Malta

Being in Malta during the rainy season is not the best time to spend it here. I know I experienced plenty of rain during my time in Dublin but when it rains here it literally means that everything stops. Seriously…We tried to visit Vittoriosa today but after watching few hours of heavy non-stop rain we gave up. We ended up in Valletta for lunch and then tried to get to the airport. Firstly,it started to rain again one minute we left the restaurant… Typical;) Then when we finally got on the bus and sat happily we noticed that we should have brought un umbrella in as the water was leaking through the roof. To make the matter worse,while the bus tried to drive through small streams in which the road changed into, one of the passengers asked as for directions. And at that moment we realized we might have caught the wrong bus. We managed to squeeze to the front to ask the driver but he just grunted something in Maltese. We got of and saw the bus actually had two different numbers and apparently wasn’t going to the airport. I guess you have to double check on when boarding as our had x3 and 12 sign in front window. You have to be psychic to know which one is the right one. Then we decided to head back to Valletta and catch the right one. But crossing the streets in this heavy rain wasn’t too much fun and we ended up soaked with our feet trembling from cold, at least mine did. Finally on board the correct bus we relaxed a bit but I have to warn you, take twice the time you actually need . Our journey lasted more than hour, moving in snail pace. Fortunately, webwere still ahead of the time. I guess I might sound a bit grumpy here but because we are traveling lightly to Dublin we didn’t wear our coats just jumpers and it really made the whole experience a freezing one although all together quite amusing. I am now on Ryanair flight back and awaiting tomorrow. We still have to repack some of our stuff and then fit it in the car. No one said that traveling with your digital piano is easy. Then drive to Rosslare and board a ferry to Cherbourg. Our main concern is driving up the ramp as they seem really steep there and considering that our back seats will be packed till the roof the whole idea seems bit terrifying. Hope all will go well and I should sent my next post from France.


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