Our adventures are starting

Finally we started our Maltese adventure.Yesterday we flew to Malta and straight away went to checking our new place to live. We had a chance to see four different apartments but actually we felt straight at home in the first two as they were situated just minutes away from the National Swimming Pool. Then it was just a decision between bigger flat with balcony or smaller one but with nicer furniture and really cheap rent. We decided the latter. That’s just amazing that you can have a nice flat for €380 with utility bills included and back in Dublin for this money you wouldn’t even get a shared room. This is just one of the reasons to move to Malta instantly;) Anyway,in one day we signed the contract, paid deposit and first month rent and got our key as well. Today we went there on our own for the first time and I can just see us there and can’t wait when we’re going back. It’s just a week away but still… Unfortunately, we haven’t managed today to apply for ID cards as the office was closed. I don’t want to even mention how happy I was to be dragged out of bed at crazy hour without coffee or breakfast,walking for miles, getting the boat on choppy sea and then see the sign on the door of the ID office that they are closed for renovation. Hmm, no comments…
Today we also checked out my bus route to my new work- the dance academy were I will be the ballet accompanist around 3/4 times a week. We went to Attard were the school is located and decided to stay on the bus till the end which was Rabat, the suburbs of Mdina. On the way back we had a crazy combination of three different buses and we are back at home where Ian’s friends are living. I hope to update the blog regularly,especially because next week our big drive through Europe starts including our first couch surfing experience in people’s houses and managing to drive our tiny Corsa loaded with our stuff including my precious digital piano. Wish us luck:)))


2 thoughts on “Our adventures are starting

  1. It sounds so exciting already, have a safe drive back. Can’t wait to read about your European adventure………with piano in tow! Lol xx

    • Thanks a lot for my first comment:)I will do my best to update it regularly and as soon as I chance to get my laptop I will add some photos and create some nice blog “look”.take care.xx

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